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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, today's the day I turn 34! I'm a little worried about the inexorable marching on of time but, on the whole, I like who I am, when I am and where I am, so things could be a lot worse.

I was thinking recently how quickly the last year has gone. I know that everyone always says that, particularly around birthdays but, for me, it really has gone by fast. I can't actually remember my last birthday as it occurred during the early stages of my neurological problems when I lost virtually all memories of each day. I can't remember much about Christmas, although I think my memory had improved slightly by then. Until around Easter I was forgetting about two thirds of each day; since then about half. So, I reckon, at best, I can remember between half and two thirds of the last year..... so it's not surprising that it feels as if it has flown past!

The good thing is that I'm sure that most of what I have forgotten is all that boring, mundane, day-to-day stuff, so my memories of the past year are actually rather pleasant. Lucky me!

Thought from the day comes from Mr Pratchett: 'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.' How true.

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At 7:41 AM, Blogger Richard G. Clegg said...

Happy birthday to you Paul.



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